Bubblegum Crisis Turboshift Acrylic Paint

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A golden, pink bubblegum color. Bubblegum Crisis is a special type of turboshift that we are calling a zenishift.

When used over white it is a super vibrant pink with some golden highlights, used over black it is a golden shade with pink highlights.

Zenishifts are Turboshifts that shift differently over different base colors. They appear almost as if they were two metallics in one bottle, with one color or the other dominating depending on what color base (black or white) they are sitting over.

Formulated for airbrush use, but may also be hand brushed.

1. Don't worry if the color of your paint looks different in the bottle than the label.

2. Shake the bottle until you hear the mixing ball rattling around, then shake some more.

3. To avoid a mess, make sure the bottle tip is clear before squeezing.

4. Use isopropyl alcohol or Simple Green for cleanup of dried paint.

5. To begin with, stick to the base color recommended on the bottle (black or white)

6. Apply 2 to 4 thin, even coats of paint with airbrush or paintbrush.

7. For airbrushing, we recommend to start with 0.5 nozzle, 25 to 30 psi and thinning by diluting 3 parts paint with 1 part airbrush medium.

8. For hand-brushing, dilute with either airbrush medium or a small amount of water using a wet brush.

9. For more information on "How to Use, see the Learning Center.

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