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  • introductory bundle of select turboshift paints
  • bottle of turquoise and magenta turboshift paint (3D Glasses)
  • bottle of green and copper turboshift paint (Afterburner)
  • bottle of dark brown and green turboshift paint (Dark Net)
  • bottle of light green and gold turboshift paint (Electrum)
  • bottle of red and orange turboshift paint (Ground Is Lava)
  • bottle of turquoise and purple turboshift paint (Ice to Never)
  • bottle of dark blue, purple, and orange turboshift paint (Let Them Eat Cake)
  • bottle of magenta, pink, and orange turboshift paint (Miami Sunset)
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Intro To Turboshifts Acrylic Paint Bundle

This bundle includes 8 TurboShift paints specially chosen to get you started.

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