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Turbo Dork Silicone Paint Palette Small Black

Our revolutionary all-new, all-silicone paint palette! Made of flexible non-stick silicone, your dried paint will peel right off! The square design of this palette lets you easily slip it alongside or between you and your project. This small palette measures 2.75” x 2.75” x .5” and features:

  • 4x Paint wells. Each 1” paint well is designed to be flexible enough to let you pop any dried paint out.
  • 1x D-Pad shaped mixing decks. These mixing decks allow you to pull paint up from each well and mix without contaminating the original color with spill over.


Clean with dish soap and water. Intended for acrylic paint use only, do not use alcohol, enamel, or oil based paints. Do not clean with mineral spirits.

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