Shrine for Short Green Guys

After recovering from painting up all of the examples for the new paints, I wanted something purely fun that I could do a bit of experimenting on for myself. I have long wanted to try out doing some verdigris on a "copper" figure. So I started with a young copper dragon but ended up with a piece of terrain.

However, I quickly realized that this might not be such a good idea. After all, what self-respecting dragon would stand around long enough to start to have its wings oxidize. So I abandoned this project and looked around for another. In searching on the web I came across the Bad Moon Loonshire and quickly remembered that I actually had this unopened model in my "box of shame".

First, I had to convince myself that having a copper moon made sense. Even though I guess I could have modeled it as moldy cheese, I really wanted it to be copper to be able to use Hot Commodity. Therefore, once I found out that man has used copper for the last 10,000 years, I decided that grots certainly could use it.

Second, even though I have never painted rocks with Turbo Dork paints before, I decided that this is fantasy and sort of magical, so shiny rocks in Black Ice would work.

Below is a series of photographs cataloging my progress from base coat to finish. It was done completely with Turbo Dork paints with the exception of Stynylrez matte black primer and a few glossy Citadel shades (Agrax Earthshade and Cryptek Armourshade).

As always, I hope that this post gets your creative juices flowing.

Base Coat:

Hot Commodity - moons
Black Ice - rocks

Bad Moon Loonshire model - base coat


Some shading
Two Cents/Bullion/Gold Rush - moons
Six Shooter/Silver Fox/Tin Star - rocks

Bad Moon Loonshire model - highlights

Miscellaneous Bits:

Curacao/Absinthe - verdigris on the moons


Bad Moon Loonshire model - eye closeup


Death By/Shifting Sands - metal straps/hooks/ropes
Silver Fox/Tin Star - chains
Gordian Knot/Forrest Flux - vines/roots
Murple/Shifting Sands - lichen
Molten Mantle/Spicy Meatball/People Eater/Box Wine - shelf fungi


Bad Moon Loonshire model - miscellaneous bits


Mushrooms, Mushrooms, and More Mushrooms:

Silver Fox/Tin Star - stems
Purl Grey/People Eater/Taro - some pointy mushroom tops
Blue Steel/Cool Ranch/Maguro - some pointy mushroom tops
Spicy Meatball/Sakura - rounded mushrooms


Bad Moon Loonshire model - mushrooms

Finishing Touches:

Shifting Sands - skeleton
Black Ice - cages
Mushrooms painted as described above
Ground cover


Bad Moon Loonshire model - 1



Bad Moon Loonshire model - 2



Bad Moon Loonshire model - 3



Bad Moon Loonshire model - 4



Bad Moon Loonshire model - 5