About Us

Turbo Dork

Originally started in 2018 as one man’s quest to find the perfect metallic purple for his Emperor’s Children, Turbo Dork has now grown from that initial 16 paints on Etsy into a full line of 70 colors distributed around the world! From our humble beginnings as a side hustle at the kitchen table of a Downtown Los Angeles loft, to a cross country move in 2021 to an actual warehouse in Austin, Texas, we have grown quite a bit in our first three years. Despite how much we’ve grown though, we try to maintain a scrapy, ‘can-do’ spirit, and strive as a small company of four to make the best products we can.

With our line of beautiful Metallics and our radical Turbo Shifts, we try to make a palette as colorful as the diverse hobby world we serve. We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive space in the world of hobbies, and one of the most approachable and personable groups of people in the industry. As we look to the future, and the exciting possibilities it holds, we see nothing but opportunities to continue to make our slice of the world as colorful as possible.



Our commander of color. Prior to starting Turbo Dork, Greg was a commercial and fashion photographer in Los Angeles. Greg pivoted into paint production when he realized the hobby world was missing the bright colors that his photography was known for. An avid 40k player and painter, Greg has been in the hobby since age 8.


Co-founder of Turbo Dork, network news producer, talk show host, and star of the award winning short film Tone, Meredith leads the team here at Turbo Dork. How two decades of news and entertainment work translates to running a paint company is anybody's guess, but if anyone can keep this ragtag crew of adventurers on course, Meredith is sure she knows the way!


Jordan is a former motorsports journalist and podcaster, who has taken on the role of Social Media Manager and Marketing Maven here at Turbo Dork. Along with her writing skills, she brings with her several years of hobby retail experience to help lend perspective to the other side of our business. A loud and proud trans woman, she is also helping us lead our charitable efforts, and our journey to make painting as welcoming as it can be. When she's not working, you can find her debating the finer points of Muppet lore, enjoying racing as a fan, or building some sort of Gunpla kit.


I’m Jake, the resident grumpy surf of TurboDork. I make paint and paint accessories. Slowly sliding into the Warehouse Manager role, I mix and help bottle a majority of the paint that we send out. Outside of work I am a digital gamer and board game fan as well as a forever DM with a growing passion for model painting and kit-bashing.


Pat aka Momma Dork

An experimental biologist, science writer, website administrator, long-time miniature painter, and most importantly Greg’s mom. Ever since the launch of Turbo Dork, I have been experimenting with the paints and trying to pass on my experience in the Turbo Dorks Facebook Group and Momma Dork’s Miniature Musings Blog. I like bright colors and prefer painting monsters, but no more Gretchin please... (there is a story there, but that is for another time).