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Factory Seconds (2 Bottles)

We will NOT accept exchanges/returns on paints from the seconds bin. 

Once in a while our paint bottle filling line has some hiccups. Sometimes it doesn't drop a mixing ball in the bottle, sometimes the label is wonky, or sometimes it underfills the bottle by a ML or two. 

We have been collecting these bottles over time and this is your chance to get your hands on some perfectly good, but slightly erroneous bottles of paint!

We have pre-made packs of random colors with two bottles per pack, if you purchase this pack along with other paints, we will do our best to make sure you get different colors! However, it may contain duplicates if you order more than one pack at a time, or we just only have certain colors any particular day.

This is for two bottles of our paint. There will be manufacturing defects present. The bottle may be missing a mixing ball, the bottle may have the wrong date code, the bottle may have a wonky label, or the bottle may not be fully filled (thought it will at least be above 90%) 


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