Tips and Tricks

 Turbo Dork paints can be a little bit quirky. So we have compiled a bunch of tips and tricks below!

If you want more detail along with actual examples, history, and personal experiences thrown in, then check out the Illustrated Guide. 

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  • Metallics are just that, normal metallic shiny paints, Turboshifts change color as you move them in the light, and Zenishifts change color depending on the color of the primer that was used.
  • Don't worry if the color of your paint looks different in the bottle than the label. Some colors appear white or red until they are used over a black surface.
  • Shake the bottle until you hear the mixing ball rattling around, then shake some more.
  • To avoid a mess, make sure the bottle tip is clear before squeezing.
  • Use isopropyl alcohol or Simple Green for cleanup of dried paint.
  • To begin with, stick to the base color recommended on the bottle. Using a different colors may give an unexpected result.
  • Apply 2 to 4 thin, even coats of paint with airbrush or paintbrush; do not use a single thick layer.
  • For airbrushing, we recommend to start with 0.5 nozzle, 25 to 30 psi and thinning by diluting 3 parts paint with 1 part airbrush medium. If you have a .3 nozzle you may need to go to 2 parts paint to one part airbrush medium or other acrylic based thinner. When airbrushing, do not use water or alcohol based thinners for thinning the paint. 
  • For hand-brushing, dilute with either airbrush medium or a small amount of water using a wet brush.
  • Metallics can be mixed together while wet to create different shades; however, mixing Turboshifts when wet can lead to unexpected results.
  • Different Metallics and Turboshifts can be layered over each other.
  • Painted surfaces may be dry-brushed and highlighted; glazes, washes, shades, inks, and even contrast colors work as well.
  • In order to best show-off a Turboshift color online or in photographs, make sure you have light hitting your painted object from multiple angles. Turboshift requires multiple light sources to show the shift!
  • Share your photos on your social media (#turbodork or @turbodork) or post them on the Turbo Dorks Facebook Group.