Momma Dork's Miniature Musings

Mixing Things Up

Folks occasionally ask about mixing different Turbo Dork paints together as well as with other acrylic paints. The party line from Turbo Dork is that one should not mix two turboshifts. This recommendation is not based on actual practice but rather the theory that blending them when wet would screw up the balance required for the color change. Therefore, this post is devoted to trying out different mixes and documenting the results for you all to see  --- turboshift + turboshift, turboshift + metallic, metallic + metallic, and metallic + other acrylic materials.

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Layer 'N Edge

Like my last post, this one will continue to focus on a common painting technique. Again it is not a tutorial, but rather a chance to present some examples and to inspire your imagination. This post covers layering and edging as means of highlighting a model.

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Wash 'N Dry

My previous posts have involved a bit of experimentation to try to answer a specific question. However with this post, I am moving in a different direction by spending time illustrating some different techniques. This is not a tutorial, but rather an attempt to clarify some points, present some possibilities, and inspire your imagination. This first post covers the two most common techniques that one tries as a painter, washing and dry brushing.

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Traditional wisdom says that painted models should be sealed with a protective clear coat. However, there is always concern that a particular varnish may not play well with the paint used. Therefore, the intent of this post is to examine any potential interactions between different varnish brands and Turbo Dork paints.

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Different Type Primers - Part 2 Blacks

This is the second part of a two-part post that examines potential differences between various primer brands and finishes where the first part covered the white primers. This part covers the black primers, including different finishes and base material.

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