Become a Retailer

How do I become a retailer?

Create an account making sure to click the "I am a retailer" checkbox and fill out all of the relevant information. Once you login with the username and password that you have created, you will be taken to the online retailer store.

How do I get started with ordering?

Our online retailer store consists of a stand-alone order form area with the ability to purchase racks, cases of paint, and merchandise at retailer discounted prices. This area can be accessed by logging into your account, selecting VIEW ORDER FORM, and then using the main menu to navigate through the of type of item you wish to order, e.g, PAINT FULL CASES.

What products can I buy to get my store set up?

Our current line consists of 80 colors. You can purchase either a rack with the full paint line or a core retailer starter pack with our original 30 colors. The starter pack can be expanded upon with the subsequent addition of four sets of 10-colors.

What kind of racks do you have?

All of our retailer racks are available either fully loaded with 6 bottles per color) or half-full with 3 bottles per color. Racking consists of acrylic spring loaded pusher trays that mount to slat-wall or pegboard. A free-standing leg set will be available soon to hold our trays as well. If you would prefer to reuse an older paint rack from a third party, we are happy to send along our paint label strips to facilitate that.

What size cases of paint do you sell?

Cases of paint are available in two sizes: FULL with 6 bottles of paint and HALF-FULL with 3 bottles of paint. Each bottle of paint has an MSRP of $7.00. The retailer discounted prices are shown in the order form.

What is your policy on shipping?

Shipping for US retail customers is free with a purchase of $100 or more.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently are only able to service our international customers through UPS Worldwide, due to issues with USPS international shipments. We are constantly looking into new methods to make shipping outside of the US faster and cheaper, to better serve you, our customers.

One such potential new method for international shipping that we are testing is the FlavorCloud service.  This service determines the best shipping option and carrier for each order based upon the country you are located in. VAT, GST, other taxes, tariffs, or importation levies are calculated upfront and provided as part of the shopping cart checkout process. Packages are delivered duty paid.

If you have any questions before placing an order, including those about pricing, please contact us at