Expansion 5 Colors Plus Two

Usually, with the release of a new set of colors, I paint up a model with each of the colors and then feature them in this blog. This time, however, I decided to do something a bit different as the colors have already been teased over the past few weeks. I challenged myself to pick a single model and paint it using all of the new colors.

Since there are lots of pinks, purples, and greens, I immediately thought of flowers and decided on Floruina, a Vegetyrant in Monsterpocalypse. In addition to the Expansion #5 colors (Appleseed, Cold Open, Cyberia, Dork, Fae Wylds, Galaxia, Hemogoblin, Hotline, Romeo + Juliet, and Turbo) I used the two recent replacement colors (Orange You Glad and Summoning Sickness) plus bits of Pearly Gates and Black Ice.

I kept the model in four pieces: the large center flower, two side flowers, and a trunk. The trunk was primed with matte black and the flowers with matte white. Certain parts of the flowers were subsequently hand-painted black as shown in the photos in the sections below.

Center Flower

The outer petals of the main flower were done in Cyberia and highlighted with Dork. The inner petals were painted first with Hotline. Then the top half of each petal was painted with Turbo and subsequently tipped with Fae Wylds. The teeth are Pearly Gates. 


Side Flowers

The leaves of the two side flowers were painted with Summoning Sickness, while the outer petals were again done in Cyberia and Dork. The center of each flower is Romeo + Juliet which appears pink over the white base.



The trunk was painted all over with Appleseed and then shaded in the recessed areas with Black Ice. The latter step was done to make sure that the dark green color of Hemogoblin would come out when applied to the trunk’s nooks and crannies. The vines have a touch of a potential future green that did not make it in this release. 

Lastly, various buds and bumps on the trunk plus the back of the center flower were painted with blues, purples, pinks, and a touch of orange as shown in the photo below.


Final Model

The photos below are of the final assembled model, showing all 12 new colors.



The individual new colors have been teased over the past few weeks, but this model is my first attempt at showing how well many of them blend with and highlight each other. A vicious plant that defends nature against alien forces turned out to be a great model to demonstrate these synergies. May this blog inspire you to try out some of these new paints.