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In looking for the theme of this blog, I was intrigued by the idea of painting up something that could be done with just a few colors while highlighting some of the Turboshifts that I do not often use. So I thought back to some Remix paint examples and remembered a carnivorous plant model that spoke to me (Not literally, though by the time that Remix launched a few months ago I was a bit goofy). I am a monster kind of gal so having a shifting flower with teeth appealed to my creative side.

Once I settled on plants, I needed to find models. It quickly became apparent that what I was looking for was pretty much restricted to the DnD/Pathfinder realm and mostly to 3D-printed sculpts. The latter was fine with me as I have become very fond of supporting this side of the miniatures hobby. 

I went a bit overboard, to say the least, with the blog but I kept finding new models that I wanted to paint. So, even if you are not into man-eating plants, please take a quick look at the rest of the blog as I have tried to work on emphasizing interesting color combinations that you might want to try. I also tested out some ideas for sprucing up the bases for fun.

Challenge question for the Turbo Dork cognoscenti: How many different colors did I use in this dozen models? Answer at the end.  

Carnivorous Plant

This is the plant that started me down this rabbit hole. It is a 3D print sculpted by Goon Master Games and deserves to be in a flowerpot like Audrey II.

     Black - basecoat
     Dream On - petals
     Sugar Rush - inside of flower
     People Eater and Cool Ranch - edges of the blooms
     Purl Grey - spikes and teeth
     Gordian Knot with People Eater trim - stem and leaves 

Awake Cactus

This cactus sculpted by Dragon Trappers Lodge is definitely awake and hungry. It was the perfect model to show off some bright sun above and shade below. Of course, now I have to admit that I originally liked the idea of plants because they usually do not have true eyes to paint. This guy is one of the exceptions.

     Black/White - zenithal basecoat
     Hemogoblin - main body
     Summoning Sickness - areoles and teeth
     Pucker - eyes
     Black Ice - inside mouth and pupils

Imperial Blooms 

So the one game that came to mind when I started to search for plant models was Monsterpocalypse by Privateer Press. Imperial Blooms are part of the Vegetyrants and while not carnivorous, they creep around the battlefield and provide power so I thought they would fit here.

     Black - basecoat overall
     Green - basecoat for the Malum Malus and Appleseed
     Yellow - basecoat for Pucker
     Malum Malus and Appleseed - stems
     Afterburner - outer petals
     Radium - inner petals
     All That Glitters - edges of petals
     Pucker with Bees Knees and Orange You Glad - stalks


Giant Fly Trap

The quintessential carnivorous plant is the fly trap. This model sculpted by STLFLIX comes with its own fly on the "base". The other thing to note is that I left the Turbo Dork world briefly and used a green one-step paint for the dark green shade.

     Black - basecoat main plant
     Black/White - zenithal basecoat small side plant
     Malum Malus - branches and leaves
     Summoning Sickness - highlights on branches and leaves
     Shell Shocked - fly trap
     Fae Wylds - small side plant

Dragon Plant

This model is sort of a riff on the actual dragon's tongue plant while honoring the memory of Balerion. It was sculpted by Kevin Williams for Reaper Minis. This, by the way, is what I think is one of my best examples of Laserface's tricolor nature. 

     Black - basecoat overall
     Green - basecoat for Gordian Knot
     Hot Pink - basecoat for Hotline
     Laserface - main body of the plant
     Gordian Knot - leaves
     Hotline - head
     Redrum - tongue
     Black Ice - teeth

Death Watch

This model sculpted by Epic Miniatures has its People Eater eye focused on you. Note: The Multipass on the teeth of the petals was done over Miami Sunset which makes it come off as more of an orangey-gold than a true orange as a better complement for the Miami Sunset.

     Black: basecoat overall
     Hot Pink - basecoat of Hotline
     Purple - basecoat for Purple Eater
     Miami Sunset - flower petals
     Multipass - teeth on petals
     Hotline - eyeball
     People Eater - eye center and lower claws
     Gordian Knot - stem
     Death By - stump

Demonic Tree

To be completely trueful, it was this Dungeons & Lasers line model from Archon Studios that sold me on doing this "plant" series. I did, however, deep-six the two corpses that were supposed to be hanging but emphasized the glowing eyes under the branches.

Black - basecoat overall
     Dark Net - tree overall
     Death By and Gordian Knot - tree highlights
     Malum Malus - highlight on tips of branches
     Pucker - highlight around mouth
     Fahrenheit and Redrum - eyes and mouth
     Black Ice and Silver Fox - rocks
     People Eater - berries
     Blue Steel and Da Ba Dee - water


Shambling Mound

WizKids makes several plant models as part of their Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures. The most well known is probably the Shambling Mound. It is not exactly a plant but rather roving, rotting vegetation looking for its next meal. Therefore, I stuck it on a muddy base and tried to mimic the look of dying plants with quick swatches of a variety of Turbo Dork paints in green, yellow, and orange.

     Black - basecoat overall
     Electrum - body overall
     Summoning Sickness, Death By, Bees Knees, Multipass, Gordian Knot -
          drybrushed over the body
     Pearly Gates - teeth
     Fahrenheit - mushrooms

Gas Spores

Other plant models sold by WizKids include these non-intelligent fungi with poisonous spores and gas. It seems that these fungi can come in different colors so I decided to use two Turbo Dork paints with similar profiles --- Forrest Flux (green, bluish green, and purple) and 4D Glasses (greenish blue, bluish green, and purple) but highlight them differently to bring out one or other of the shift colors.

     Black - basecoat overall
     Pearly Gates and Black Ice - eyeballs
     Forrest Flux (left)/4D Glass (right) - body
     People Eater (left)/Cool Ranch (right) - main striations/ rhizome growths
     Taro (left)/Maguro (right) - tips of the  rhizome growths

Glue Plant

This glue plant was sculpted by Print Your Monsters and is definitely carnivorous. You can see the evidence by the sprinkling of skulls that I added in Shifting Sands, which is my favorite Turbo Dork color for bones.

     Black/White - zenithal basecoat overall
     Twin Sons - petals
     Shifting Sands - skulls
     Molten Mantle - base


In searching for plants I came across this treevil which is non-DnD but still scary. It was sculpted by EN Studios and provided the perfect second evil tree for the collection. 

     Black - basecoat overall
     Orange - basecoat for Farenheit
     Red - basecoat for Redrum
     Grave Robber with Death By - trunk
     Scarab with Appleseed - leaves
     Fahrenheit  - eyes
     Redrum - tongue
     Black Ice - pupils and eyebrows


Mesmerizing Morels

I have no idea of these giant mushrooms would eat or even attack players but I figured if they were named "mesmerizing" they must do something nasty. This model by Printable Scenery is one of my favorites. It should be noted that the hollow areas in the caps were intentionally left black to contrast with the Blue Raspberry. However, the bark was painted all over with Dark Ritual and then shaded with Nuln Oil. 

     Black - basecoat overall
     Blue Raspberry - morel caps
     Dark Ritual - stems and bumps
     Gold Rush - highlight on the stems and bumps



I will leave you with these dozen plants knowing that there are several times that number of potential color combination ideas to spark your imagination.

The answer to my question at the beginning of this blog post is: 3 zenishifts, 18 turboshifts, and 24 metallics.