Gold dragons are supposed to be the strongest and most majestic of the draconic race. They often symbolize wealth and power. So I sought out a group of dragons that I could use to show off the various Turbo Dork golds. What I found and decided upon were these Reaper models. These guys may not be very majestic but Rocky is certainly playful like the paints. I hope they can become the "gold standard" for this subset of true metallics.

For this post, I was interested in a pure metallic color so I chose not to include any of the turboshifts. All of the examples shown here used matte black primer and are roughly presented in the order of lightest to darkest. 

Subsequently, I decided to include Afterburner in the Addendum which is a turboshift but is primarily a gold color.

All That Glitters:

They say, "All that glitters is not gold" but in this case, All That Glitters is a highly pigmented gold paint that is quite glittery. There is no mistaking it for anything else. It works great wherever you want a sparkly, accent color.




Gold Rush:

Gold Rush is a bright, pure, light gold color with a just hint of richness and warmth. It is my go-to gold for just about everything. Don't forget, "There's gold in them thar hills" with Gold Rush.





Bullion is definitely, "worth its weight in gold". It is slightly darker in color than Gold Rush and works well when you want something a bit more muted.




Cartridge Family:

Cartridge Family is an even darker gold with just a hint of orange. Its tone is reminiscent of the soft brass bullet casings for which it was named. So if you want to "go for the gold" try using Cartridge Family as a base with highlights of Gold Rush and maybe even a touch of All That Glitters.




Two Cents:

Two Cents is coppery gold. It may not exactly look like a penny, but close enough. This little guy is essentially "sitting on a goldmine" of coins in All That Glitters. The contrast illustrates the full range of golds.





"Oh well, what's life without a few dragons?" Ron Weasley

I hope that this post has allowed you to get up close and personal with the Turbo Dork golds whether it be for the next dragon paint or something else that needs to have a gilded look.




Addendum - Afterburner:

Afterburner is a turboshift that over black shows up as a yellow-gold front face with a light green rim.