"It isn't easy being green" according to Kermit the Frog. However, he certainly has a lot of choices of what shade of green to be with Turbo Dork paints. There are now six Metallics, one Zenishift, and ten Turboshifts that are listed as at least partially displaying some shade of green. What better way to honor Kermit than to use a set of frogs for this blog. Please note, though, that they do not sing and cannot ride a bike.

This post is a continuation of those featuring a specific color range with an emphasis on individual differences and subset comparisons. All of the examples shown here used a matte black primer except as specifically noted.  

I have chosen to not include all of the Turboshifts here, but rather to focus on those that have a pure primary green color. Therefore, 4D Glasses, Laserface, Shell Shocked, and Sky Rat, have been left for another day.

Subsequent to posting this blog entry, Sea Food was replaced in the lineup with the metallic Summoning Sickness. Info on Sea Food has been deleted and Summoning Sickness and Appleseed have been added to the Addendum. In addition, there are two new Zenishifts that are green when placed over a black primer.


Matcha is one of the metallic Omakase pastels and like the others in the bundle requires the use of a white primer to obtain the pale color shown below. Matcha works well both as a highlight over other paints, particularly for edging, but also on its own as shown in the photo.



frog model in Matcha




Absinthe was introduced as part of the metallic group called Bright Lights. These paints were advertised as being able to be used over any color primer, but being particularly "bright" over white. As shown below, Absinthe over white is a vivid aquamarine (top photo), while over black it is more of sea green (bottom photo).



frog model in Absinthe - white primer



frog model in Absinthe - black primer



Malum Malus:

Malum Malus is yellow-green, sort of like a cross between a Granny Smith and a Golden Delicious. In any case, it is one bad metallic apple.


frog model in Malum Malus



Gordian Knot and Twin Sons:

Gordian Knot (top photo) is a pure, dark green metallic --- a true froggy color, and as the product description says "the successor to the late great Emerald Nightmare". It has become my go-to when I want a solid green color or a highlight for something like Forrest Flux.

Over a black primer, Twin Sons (bottom photo) is very similar in tone to Gordian Knot. However, it is a bit muddier with the potential for some blue to show through. The real difference is that Twin Sons, as a zenishift, shows up as bright blue over a white primer. In this case, the throat of the frog in the photo below was primed with white. 



frog model in Gordian Knot



frog model in Twin Sons



Dark Net and Grave Robber:

Dark Net (top photo) was one of the first Turboshifts to be released and initially one of the most popular. It is a medium green with a shift to chocolate.

As shown in the bottom photo, Grave Robber is also a green-brown shift but much darker overall than Dark Net. In addition, under some light conditions, there is a suggestion of blue with Grave Robber that is missing in Dark Net.



frog model in Dark Net



frog model in Grave Digger



Electrum and Radium:

There is a story behind Electrum (top photo) and Radium (bottom photo) that relates to an accidental switch in the pigments used for the first batches of these two green-gold Turboshifts. The intent was to name each for the metal that it looked like, but now they bear the name of the other. 

Electrum does not glow green like radioactive radium but it is primarily green with a subtle shift to something warm.

Radium slowly shifts from yellow gold to green with a kind of tarnished brassy look just like naturally occurring electrum.



frog model in Electrum



frog model in Radium



Forrest Flux and Scarab:

Forrest Flux shifts between three different colors --- forest green to blue and finally to purple. However, the color changes can be fairly subtle with green predominating.

Scarab is primarily emerald green with a shift to dark blue. The blue is most prominent around the edges of the figure. Scarab is perfect for creating a beetle shell effect.



frog model in Forrest Flux



frog model in Scarab




While this post introduces most of the Turbo Dork greens, it barely hints at ways in which one can mix and match them. Embrace your inner green and experiment. Ribbit!



six frog models in shades of green - 1



six frog models in shades of green - 2




Summoning Sickness and Appleseed

It's raining frogs. There are two more green paints (Summoning Sickness and Appleseed). Both of these paints look good over white or black with the latter being slightly darker. 

Summoning Sickness was added to the lineup to replace Sea Food which had to be retired due to supply and production issues. Summoning Sickness is a putrid green just right for all your monsters (white primer left; black primer right).


frog figures in Summoning Sickness


In contrast, Appleseed is a bright, crisp green (white primer left; black primer right). Think Kermet.


frog figures in Apple Seed


Fae Wylds and Hemogoblin

There are two zenishift paints that have green as one of their two colors (Fae Wylds and Hemogoblin). Both of these paints look good over white, black, or white over black zenishift. 

Over white Fae Wylds it is pale, glittery pink; over black, it is silvery green. 



Over black Hemogoblin is a very, dark green, over white it shows kind of a rusty iron-oxidized color.