In the Beginning

In the beginning there was a young teen and his father playing Warhammer 40K. The father needed his Ork army painted and the task fell to me. The teen grew up, moved on, and eventually looped back around to playing tabletop games. By that time I had long since hung up my brushes, but it was clear that I needed to break them out again. I started to receive a series of presents: first some new models, then a set of Turbo Dork paints, and later an airbrush.

I am Greg’s mom, Pat Bacha, affectionately known as Momma Dork. Since the start of Turbo Dork, I have been experimenting with the paints and trying to pass on my experience in the Turbo Dorks Facebook Group. However, in thinking about things recently, I have decided that some topics need more in depth followup. Thus, the idea to start this blog was born.  

I hope you find my musings useful. 
Momma Dork