New Paint Review

Each time Turbo Dork has released new paints, I have created a set of figures featuring my own take on them. This time is no different except that they are all rolled up into this one blog post. In addition, to featuring photos of 10 new paints, I have added comments describing my take on the color and other things I discovered while working with them. The originally announced Rainbow Roll will not be released at this time due to an unforeseen problem that recently arose.

All of the figures were primed with matte black, based with one of the new paints, and then finished using a variety of additional Turbo Dork colors, basically whatever struck my fancy. I then sat down with all of my paint examples and decided on four colors for each new paint that I thought would harmonize with it.

Please note that these suggestions are to be considered just that — recommendations for some paints that I think would look good together, whatever technique you fancy. I would like to point out that these “harmonizing” colors were not always the same ones that I used to paint the final figures. So there should be plenty of ideas for inspiration.


Bees Knees

Metallic Color: over white primer its a medium yellow; over black a golden honey

Comments: Bees Knees is one of the few Metallic paints recommended for use over either a white or black primer. Please note that you have to apply even more coats than usual to get good coverage. 

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: 



Model: Teraton Shock Trooper (Mantic Games)

Paint Scheme:
Bees Knees (over black) - armor
Afterburner - highlight on armor
Malum Malus - various bits and pieces
Gordian Knot - shell/tail
Death By - claws and drybrush shell and tail
Six Shooter/Silver Fox - guns




Black Ice

Metallic Color: black with a tiny bit of silver making it look like a slick asphalt surface

Comments: This paint is extremely shiny and the answer to a long-standing request from a host of folks including myself.

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: 


Model: Bones Goremaw (Reaper)

Paints Scheme:
Black Ice - body
People Eater - highlights on body
Purl Gray - belly
Silver Fox/Tin Star - spines
People Eater - highlight
Supermassive/Redrum - mouth


Gormaw in Black Ice - 1



Gormaw in Black Ice - 2



Box Wine

Metallic Color: deep wine red with the purple tones of a recent vintage

Comments: This is a rich color that can be accented with either red or purple.

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:


figure in Box Wine



Spicy Meatball, Miami Sunset, Murple, and Molten Mantle figures


Model: Cosmo Serpent (NECA WizKids)

Paints Scheme:
Box Wine - body
Life on Mars - drybrush on body
Lunar Eclipse - spine
Bullion - neck decoration


Cosmo Serpent in Box Wine - 1



Cosmo Serpent in Box Wine - 2



Gordian Knot

Metallic Color: luscious, dark green color between hunter and forest - maybe a hunter tied up in the forest

Comments: This is my favorite new color and one that is destined to become the cornerstone of the Turbo Dork Greens.

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:


figure in Gordian Knot



Ill Gotten Gold, Forrest Flux, Grave Robber, and Electrum figures


Model: Red Slaad (NECA WizKids) Yes, this is a Red Slaad painted green - you try finding a Green Slaad on the internet when you are spelling it saalad.

Gordian Knot - body
Electrum/Malum Malus - layering
Shifting Sands - claws
Redrum - eyes


Slaad in Gordian Knot - 1



Slaad in Gordian Knot - 2



Grave Robber

Turboshift Color: deep evergreen with just enough of a muted brown to give it a grubby look

Comments: Grave Robber is a darker Dark Net and a good replacement for Emerald Nightmare in my opinion. 

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:


figure with Grave Robber


Radium, Death By, Gordian Knot, and Dark Netfigures


Model: Earth Elemental (Nolzur's WizKids) 

Paints Scheme:
Grave Robber - body
Dark Net - highlights
Gordian Knot - drybrush/edge

Earth Elemental in Grave Robber - 1


Earth Elemental in Grave Robber - 2


Hot Commodity

Metallic Color: some folks think pumpkin, others think butterscotch

Comments: It is not quite a copper but definitely the darkest true metal in the Turbo Dork lineup.

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:


Hot Commodity figure

Multi Pass, Two Cents, Life on Mars, and Ground is Lava figures

Model: Little Pony Apple Jack (Deep Cuts WizKids)

Paints Scheme:
Hot Commodity - body
Two Cents - highlights on body
Gold Rush - mane and tail
Death By - hat
Gordian Knot - hair ties

Apple Jack in Hot Commodity - 1

Apple Jack in Hot Commodity - 2


Peachy Keen

Turboshift Color: reminiscent of pink lemonade --- light coral with raspberry undertones

Comments: This color is so rich that highlighting it requires patience. I had to use several coats of Sugar Rush, Sweet Dreams, Let Them Eat Cake to get the desired color on the model below.

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:

Peachy Keen figure

Momo, Cartridge Family, Death By and Ground is Lava figures

Model: Ankheg (Nolzur's WizKids)

Paints Scheme:
Peachy Keen - body
Let Them Eat Cake - lower body
Sweet Dreams - shade upper body
Sugar Rush - drybrush head
Bubble Gum Crisis - highlight parts of claws
Cartridge Family - parts of claws and bumps

Ankheg in Peachy Keen - 1

Ankheg in Peachy Keen - 2



Turboshift Color: an emerald green with a slight shift tomidnight blue

Comments: Scarab is a little different than most of the Turboshifts as the shift to blue is only visible on the edges. Cool Ranch was used to bring out more blue in the model.  

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:

Scarab figure


Sea Food, 4D Glasses, Gordian Knot, and Forrest Fluxfigures

Model: Stag Beetle (Metal Earth)

Paints Scheme:
Scarab - body

Cool Ranch - body edges
Shifting Sands - highlight on body
Shifting Sands - inner portions of legs and mandibles
Cool Ranch - outer portions of legs and mandibles


Stage Beetle in Scarab - 1

Stage Beetle in Scarab - 2



Turboshift Color: deep bluish-purple shifting to dark silvery-blue

Comments: It is not a pigeon, but this hybrid gargoyle looks nice in person. However, I needed add more light from the front to get a photograph that showed the shift. 

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:

Skyrat figure

Blue Steel, Purl Grey, Crystal Cavern and People Eater figures

Model: Bat Cat Gargoyle (Ebros)

Paints Scheme:
Skyrat - body
Black Ice - shadows
Death By - horns
Blue Steel - eyes and teeth
Spicy Meatball - tongue


Bat Cat Gargoyle in Skyrat - 1

Bat Cat Gargoyle in Skyrat - 2



Turboshift Color: a black-brown shift to deep red resulting in a overall color that is essentially oxblood

Comments: This paint is very dark and begs for highlighting with a brighter Turbo Dork color.

Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors:

Supermassive figure


Death By, Spicy Meatball, Shifting Sands, and Laserface figures


Model: Pit Devil (Deep Cuts WizKids)

Paints Scheme:
Supermassive - body
Ground is Lava - light drybrush on chest, shoulders, and head
Molten Mantle - highlights arms and legs
Black Ice - claws and spines
Laser Face - drybrush wings


Pit Devil in Supermassive - 1



Pit Devil in Supermassive - 2