It's time to post again and I am going with Lucky Cats this time done up in various shades of "Orange" with gold trim. I know that a typical maneki-neko is not orange, but I wanted to dedicate this to my three favorite orange moggies that literally grew up alongside Turbo Dork.

I am featuring two Metallics and one Turboshift: Momo, Multipass, and Ground Is Lava. There is also a quick mention of two other Turboshifts, Miami Sunset, and Lunar Eclipse, that have a touch of orange.

Subsequent to posting this blog entry, Hot Commodity was replaced in the lineup with the metallic Orange You Glad. Info on Hot Commodity has been deleted and Orange You Glad has been added to the Addendum.



Momo requires the use of a white primer to obtain the pale orange shown below. Like the other Omakase pastels, it loses its color over black. Momo works well both as a highlight over other paints, particularly for edging, but can be used on its own as shown in the photo.


lucky cat model in Momo




If Momo is a peach, then Multipass is more of a carrot. Yes, it was named for The Fifth Element along with the felines Leeloo and Korben that share its bright color. Just for full disclosure, Deckard is equally orange, but he came along with the release of the Blade Runner remake and is a "replicat".

The product description for Multipass says it can be used over any color but white is preferred. The first cat below was done over a white primer and displays an intense reddish-yellow color. In contrast, the second cat with a black primer is mostly gold with just the barest hint of orange.


lucky cat model in Multi Pass - white primer



lucky cat model in Multi Pass - black primer


Ground Is Lava:

Although there are three Turboshifts listed on the website with some orange in them, Ground is Lava is really the only one where orange is a big part of its core. Over a black primer, it actively shifts from red to yellow to orange, mimicking the temperature-related colors of a lava flow.


lucky cat model in Ground Is Lava



Miami Sunset and Lunar Eclipse:

The two other Turboshifts of interest in this post are Miami Sunset and Lunar Eclipse. These two paints were released along with Cloud Nine as a base/layer/highlight set that emphasizes their predominantly purple color. However, they do bring some orange to the party which potentially could be accentuated by highlighting with one of the orange Metallics. 

The first photo below is of Miami Sunset, while the second is of Lunar Eclipse. Both cats were painted over a black primer.


lucky cat model in Miami Sunset



lucky cat model in Lunar Eclipse




These cats may be kitschy but I hope they will "beckon" you to add some orange to your life. Nyao!


four lucky cats in shades of orange



Addendum - Orange You Glad:

The rest of the orange cats have recently been joined by another --- Orange You Glad after supply and production issues forced the retirement of Hot Commodity. Orange You Glad over a white primer is a bright yellow-orange resembling your favorite juice.


lucky cat model in Orange You Glad