For a long time I have been interested in starting a series comparing different shades of the same basic color. I was trying to decide what to start with when two things happened: 1) the Turbo Dork bundles got rebundled with a Greg's Gets featuring pinks and 2) I found a set of pig cake toppers that wanted to be painted. So Pink it is.

Greg's Gets includes: Sakura, Bubblegum Crisis, Peachy Keen, Prism Power, Cloud Nine, and Miami Sunset. Some of these paints show off their best "pinkness" over a white primer and others over black. In addition, there is one that can go either way, as well as two Zenishifts that look very different over white versus black.

Please note that two pink metallics that were introduced after this blog was released are described in the Addendum --- Hotline and Turbo.

This blog is going to take the format of introducing the individual colors first followed by a set of photos comparing different subsets. 


Sakura is a juicy, pale pink over a white primer. Over black, it loses the pink and becomes silver. It is one of the few pastels in the Turbo Dork line so it works well both as a highlight over others and also on its own.



pig model in Sakura



Bubblegum Crisis:

Bubblegum Crisis was the first Zenishift to be introduced, long before Turbo Dork started to use the term. Over white, it is a deep pink with gold undertones; over black, it is gold with a bit of pink.



pig model in Bubble Gum Crisis - white primer



The pig in the photo below was primed with white, while the pillow was primed with black.


pig model in Bubble Gum Crisis - black primer



Peachy Keen:

Peachy Keen, one of the newest releases, looks "pink" over both primers but its color changes from a deep pink over white to more of a dark peach color over black. 

An example of this color change is shown in the second photograph.



pig model in Peachy Keen - white primer



pig model in Peachy Keen - black primer



Prism Power:

The second Zenishift in this group is Prism Power. It shows as a midrange pink with a slight blue cast and orangish tinge over white and blue with a touch of pink over black.



pig model in Prism Power - white primer



The pig in the photo below was primed with white, while the basket was primed with black.


pig model in Prism Power - white and black primer



Cloud Nine:

Cloud Nine is a Turboshift that was released as part of the Sky Above set. It is described as transitioning from cotton candy pink to a pale yellow gold with the barest hint of orange in the right lighting. Despite being white in the bottle, these colors really only come out when Cloud Nine is used over a black primer. It was designed to work both on its own and as a highlight for others in the set.



pig model in Cloud Nine



Miami Sunset:

Miami Sunset is the midrange Turboshift in the Sky Above set and brings various shades of pinks and purples to the party when used over a black primer. It works well as a base for Cloud Nine or as a highlight for Lunar Eclipse's dark reds and purples. 



pig model in Miami Sunset



The Chorus Line of Pinks:

Below are two photos, one with pigs with a white primer (top) and the other with pigs over black (bottom).



four pig models in shades of pink



three pig models in shades of pink




May these help you to "Think Pink" for your next project.  Oink!



There are two new pink pigs on the block --- Hotline and Turbo.  Hotline is a bright, shocking pink over a white primer as shown in the photo below. There isn't anything else quite like it.


pig model in Hotline



Think of Turbo Dork and think of the deep carnation pink in the logo. Turbo is the representation of the color in paint form.


pig model in Turbo