The dictionary defines "corsair" as a pirate, especially a Barbary one. Clearly the Blackstar Corsair models that I used in this post are not Barbary pirates, however, they could certainly be considered to be space privateers. They also are perfect for showing off the different Turbo Dork silvers. 

There are no Turboshifts that display silver so I am featuring only Metallics --- Sparkle Motion, Tin Star, Silver Fox and Six Shooter. In addition, I am also including Black Ice which has a trace of silver in it. All of the Silvers are shown over a black primer and are part of the True Metals bundle. 


Sparkle Motion:

Sparkle Motion looks like its name. There is actual silver in the mix which makes anything that is painted with Sparkle Motion glisten. It sort of looks like the whole model has been dipped in glitter.


black corsair model in Sparkle Motion


Tin Star:

Sorry to disappoint, but Tin Star does not contain tin. However, it does have a soft, silvery white tone like an old time sheriff badge. Models painted with Tin Star, like the one below, almost look as if they were chrome plated. It is a great paint for highlighting the darker silvers as well as some of the other Metallics such as Blue Steel.


black corsair model in Tin Star


Silver Fox:

Silver Fox is not too light and not too dark, it's just right. It is a mid-range silver with bluish-black overtones. This paint looks great either as a base highlighted with Tin Star or as a highlight for Six Shooter or Black Ice.


black corsair model in Silver Fox


Six Shooter:

Six Shooter is a cool dark, grey, a few shades lighter than black. Think gunmetal --- hard, resistant to corrosion, and withstanding explosions. It was designed as a base color for wherever you need a dark silver. However, it also works well dry-brushed over Black Ice to bring a touch more definition to a model. 


black corsair model in Six Shooter


Black Ice:

Black Ice is shiny and darkly silent, just like ice on a wintery road at night. It is a true black with a hint of silver, reminiscent of obsidian. It works well under a variety of situations. It can be used to bring out a haunted look for a wraith, to emphasize the shadows of a monster, or even to just add a shine to your model bases.


black corsair model in Black Ice



Although these five paints do not conduct electricity or heat like the actual element Ag, they cover the full-range of the color from bright and glittery to dark and ominous. Just perfect for when you need a touch of silver.


five black corsair models in shades of metallic silver