The Heat Goes On (and on and on in Texas)!

The new house is all set up including a small paint station in my "office" and an airbrush station in the garage. Of course, even first thing in the morning, the garage is currently somewhere in the 80s. So, after not doing any painting for some time, I am back chiseling away on a project creating new color swatches for use on the website and at conventions. These will go along with the other new changes happening with Turbo Dork come the first of the year.

So, every morning I spray an ice golem or two and hear the words to my alternative version of "The Beat Goes On" (the original Sonny and Cher, not the All Seeing I's version) in my head. In addition, I raided my box of unpainted Reaper models and did up a few for the booth at Reapercon which takes place just up the road from here. While my airbrushing skills have improved enough to get the Greg De Stefano seal of approval, my first love is still hand painting. Several of my finished models, many of which were painted by hand, are shown below along with a bit of info on the color combos I used.  


Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon

This dragon was done up in all Metallics in a way to mimic a Turboshift. The primary paints used were Two Cents (airbrushed as the base) and Life on Mars (hand-added for effect). The trim/edging was done with some of the other golds (Cartridge Family, Bullion, and Gold Rush). Lastly, there is a bit of shading with GW Agrax Earthshade.




Frost Giant Warrior

What better color to paint the armor on a Frost Giant than Ice to Never? The quilted pieces are Wave Length which is a darker version of the blues and purples in Ice to Never. The ax and the decorations feature Silver Fox. Finally, there is a touch of Death By and GW Nuln Oil with Reaper paints for the skin. This was done entirely by hand.




My version of the Goroloth was inspired by an internet photo with a model in purples and pinks. Therefore, I airbrushed this giant squid-like creature with Miami Sunset. I kept things simple to highlight the Turboshift. However, I added a bit of one of the newer paints, Turbo, to give the final model a bit of a pink Turbo Dork signature.   



Onyx Golem

To stay true to its nature, an Onyx Golem has to start out with a layer of Black Ice --- a metallic black with a hint of silver. It was then dry-brushed in several stages, lightening the silver color with each new stage --- Six Shooter, Silver Fox, and Tin Star. I decided a golem would not be happy to be glittery so I left out the Sparkle Motion. 


Nefsokar, Avatar of Sokar

This solo figure was hand-painted primarily in Redrum, Cool Ranch, and Gold Rush. In addition, there is a touch of Black Ice and Death By for the mask and claws. The skin was done with Reaper paints.

I am dedicating this figure to my college roommate who is an Egyptologist teaching at NYU. I learned how to draw quail chicks for the letter 'W' from her.






No set of Reaper models would be complete without some Mouslings. In this case, they are painted with Reaper colors for the fur and Turbo Dork colors for the other bits. I particularly like the Knight and the Bard but had fun hand-painting them all. 

  • Archer - ForrestFlux
  • Thief - 4D Glasses
  • Warrior - Ground Is Lava
  • Assasin - Scarab
  • Knight - Afterburner
  • Bard - Blue Raspberry


One Last Comment

If you are going to brave the heat in Texas and be at Reapercon, be sure to stop at the booth to take a closer look at the models in person. Also do not fail to check out the new, improved silicone palettes and extra sharp nippers.