The end of the year is near and I decided I wanted to include one more blog on a specific color range before the clock strikes midnight on 2021. I decided on going with "Yellow" when I found some great rubber ducks. The ducks brought back memories of Greg's college photo project where he took photos of them swimming on a chicken noodle soup lake.

I am featuring Yuzu, Pucker, Bees Knees, Radium, and Laserface. Some of the purest yellows for this group are obtained over a white primer but darker tones or bursts of shifting yellow can be observed over black with others.

This blog will continue with the format of introducing the individual colors first followed by a set of photos comparing different subsets.


Yuzu is the palest of the yellows and requires the use of a white primer. It loses its color over black, just fading out. Yuzu works well both as a highlight over other paints, particularly for edging, but can be used on its own when you want just a hint of color.


rubber duck in Yuzu



Pucker has been around for quite a while as the leader of the yellow pack. As its name implies, it is a lemony yellow over white. Perfect, when you want something bright. When used over black, Pucker retains its yellow overtones, but becomes more subdued and golden. Be advised, a large number of coats of paint is required to obtain this darker color.


rubber duck in Pucker - white primer


rubber duck in Pucker - black primer


Bees Knees:

Bees Knees, one of the newest releases, is a deep, warm yellow over white primer, reminiscent of honey. Over black, Bees Knees takes on a smoky-gold tone. Be forewarned, like Pucker, getting an even color over a dark primer requires a lot of coats.


rubber duck in Bees Knees - white primer


rubber duck in Bees Knees - black primer



There are two paints in the line that shift between yellow and another color depending on the lighting conditions. The first is Radium which was part of the original paint release. During this first release, there was an accidental mixup in the pigments, resulting in it not really looking like its namesake. 

In any case, what the world knows as Turbo Dork Radium, transitions from yellow through gold to green. As with most of the Turboshifts, a black primer is required in order to make this magic work. 


rubber duck in Radium



The second shifting paint is Laserface. Laserface looks very drab in the bottle, but after being applied to a model (over black, of course), it shines as a green-to-red shift with magenta undertones and a touch of bright yellow between. 


rubber duck in Laserface


All the Ducks in a Row:

Below are two photos, one with ducks with a white primer (top) and the other with ducks over black (bottom).


three rubber ducks in shades of yellow


four rubber ducks in shades of yellow



Think about it. Your next project may be just the thing that needs one of these "Yellows".  Quack!