You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

A lot of changes have recently happened at Turbo Dork. There is a new automated filling system, new bottles, new labels, new swatches, standardized color descriptions, and a new formulation for the paint with better coverage. However, we have had to say “Goodbye” to several old paint colors over the years to say “Hello” to new ones.

While most of this blog is intended as a coming-out party for the new paints, I want to provide some substitutions for those leaving the lineup. I know some of you are not ready to give them up yet.


You can approximate the color of many of the paints being retired by mixing up colors using existing Turbo Dork paints. My suggestions are below. The mixes for the three pastel colors (Matcha, Momo, and Yuzu) are pretty spot. In addition, the one for Peachy Keen is fairly close but you  might also want to just try Prism Power over a white base. However, you will likely want to play more with the Ill Gotten Gold mix to get the balance a bit closer to the original color.

  • Matcha - Appleseed + Pearly Gates (1:1 ratio)
  • Momo - Multipass + Pearly Gates (1:2 ratio)
  • Yuzu - Pucker + Pearly Gates (1:2 ratio)
  • Ill Gotten Gold - Summoning Sickness + Gold Rush (1:1 ratio)
  • Peachy Keen - Turbo + Multipass (2:1 ratio)

Two of the remaining older paints have been replaced by new paints. Murple has been reborn as a Turboshift version of itself in purples and yellows. Sweet Dreams is now a more active blue/purple/pink Turboshift called Dream On.

  • Murple - replaced by Dark Ritual
  • Sweet Dreams - replaced by Dream On

There is not a good Turboshift replacement for the last older paint Supermassive. Lunar Eclipse or Molten Mantle is probably the closest but without the black. Alternatively, a Metallic such as Box Wine or the new Red Queen, might be a good starting place depending on how bright of a red you are interested in. However, neither has the black shift of Supermassive. Therefore, I suggest using one of these colors as a base and then lightly drybrushing over it with some Black Ice.

  • Supermassive - replaced by Lunar Eclipse/Molten Mantle/Box Wine/Red Queen?


Eight new Gr8 colors will be hitting the shelves and the online store in February — 4 Turboshifts, 1 Zenishift, and 3 Metallics. These paints are all made with the new formulation so that they have a better feel for smoother hand brushing and improved coverage for both airbrushing and brushing by hand. 


Type: Turboshift
Colors: Dark purple shifting to a creepy greenish-yellow
Tone: Shadow
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Box Wine, Lunar Eclipse, People Eater, Purl Grey

Comments: Dark Ritual is the spirit of Murple reincarnated in a Turboshift. It has just the right amount of eeriness to be perfect for anything magic or mythical. Please note that Dark Ritual is one of the paints that must be used over black or some other very dark color. It is white in the bottle and shows no color when used over a white basecoat.


Type: Turboshift
Colors: Shifts from purplish-blue through magenta ending with twilight pinks and oranges
Tone: Midrange
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Cool Ranch, Let Them Eat Cake, People Eater, Sugar Rush

Comments: Think about the old Sweet Dreams, put on some music by Miles Davis or Ella Fitzgerald, and envision a brighter, jazzier paint. That’s Dream On, perfect for all your dream projects. This paint must be used over a black basecoat as it is funky orange-red over white.


Type: Metallic
Color: Fire engine reddish-orange
Tone: Midrange
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Ground is Lava, Life On Mars, Multipass, Redrum

Comments: Besides being used on its own, Fahrenheit works well as a highlight/edge color to give your model that certain fire. It is suggested that you use a similarly colored basecoat, such as orange, to bring out the most vibrant results with this paint.



Type: Turboshift
Colors: Shifts between a bright cyan and a light greenish-blue
Tone: Midrange
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Cool Ranch, Gordian Knot, Forrest Flux, Scarab

Comments: Leviathan is the ying to Peacock's yang. Its greens and blues are ideal for the sea monster of your nightmares. Leviathan is intended for use over a black basecoat. If used over white, it appears white.



Type: Zenishift
Colors: Violet when used over a white basecoat and medium blue (sort of denim) with a touch of pink over black
Tone: Midrange
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Blue Raspberry, Cool Ranch, People Eater, Wave Length

Comments: I have been excited by Midnight City ever since I found it when helping out to spray spoons with potential new colors. In my opinion, it works the best of all the Zenishifts for creating realistic-looking shadows and highlights. 


Type: Turboshift
Colors: Shifts between bright turquoise and light green-blue   
Tone: Midrange
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Cold Open, Curacao, Da Ba Dee, Forrest Flux

Comments: Peacock is the yang to Leviathan's ying. This is the first paint that I got to name. Even if the name is not as sassy as some of the others, it just looks like a peacock. It works great on flowers as well. Peacock is intended for use over a black basecoat. If used over white, it appears white.


Type: Metallic
Color:  Dark blood red
Tone: Shadow
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Ground is Lava, Lunar Eclipse, Redrum, Spicy Meatball

Comments: Red Queen is the darkest of the true reds in the lineup. It works well as a base layer for any of the reds or oranges. It is suggested that Red Queen be used over a red basecoat. 



Type: Metallic
Color: Pinky lilac   
Tone: Midrange
Suggestions for Harmonizing Colors: Crystal Cavern, Purl Grey, Sugar Rush, Taro

Comments: Syringa (from the genus for lilac) has a bit of silver to it so it gives a nice shimmer to everything that it is used on. In addition, it stands out well when something like People Eater is applied as a shade. For the most vibrant results, we suggest you use Syringa over a similarly colored purple basecoat. 


Goodbye and Hello

So long to Ill Gotten Gold, Matcha, Momo, Murple, Peachy Keen, Supermassive, Sweet Dreams, and Yuzu.

And a big Texas welcome to Dark Ritual, Dream On, Fahrenheit, Leviathan, Midnight City, Peacock, Red Queen, and Syringa.