Expansion 4 Preview and Pre-Order


New Paints are coming this October!
Please place your pre-orders in by September 30th!
Emerald Nightmare will be replaced by Black ICE!


It's here! Our next set of exciting new Turboshift and metallic colors! Expansion Tray 4 is filled with some of our most sought after creations yet - including an amazing black-to-red, perfect for all those dark and broody figs! 

Before we get into the flavor text of it all, take a look at them for yourself. For some reason Shopify isn't letting us make zoomable images, so please click the link below to download all of our new product images, in their full size glory! (Feel free to use these for your websites, social, and other media kit needs).








New SKUs

Please note that we have changed all of our SKUs to bring them more inline with the industry standard, and to just plain make them easier to input. We will continue to honor the old SKUs as well, but these new ones should make things much easier going forward. Please click the link below to download our new price sheet and SKUs:



Freeze-Resistant Paint

We have spent all summer reworking our mix to make it more freeze resistant and we are now excited to announce that by October, all Turbo Dork paints shipped from us will be made with our new recipe. This recipe will remain fully liquid down to 10F/-12C and even if it gets below that, will thaw back out and still be usable.


Emerald Nightmare has been discontinued 

Unfortunately, we are unable to produce Emerald Nightmare in our new freeze resistant mix. We have sold through our remaining stock and are now retiring Emerald Nightmare. However! We are replacing it with Black ICE, a new black metallic. Black ICE will be launching with the same timing of the new line and will be taking the place of Emerald Nightmare on the retail rack trays going forward. We have replacement paint rack label strips on the way and we will ship them along with your Black ICE orders. 


Expansion 4 Pre-orders

These paints will be available as a new expansion tray, just like our previous three trays, in Full (6 x qty) SKU: TDK0406 or Half Full (3 x qty) SKU: TDK0403 versions. And the usual restock bags of 6x and 3x qty paints will be available for stores who do not use our trays (or if you want to order extra cases out the gate). If you would like the paint rack label strip on it’s own, it is SKU: TDK0401. 

All of these pre-order items are now up in the retailer section of our website including Black ICE.

Please have your pre-orders in by September 30th.

We do not have a hard release date for these expansion trays, however we will begin shipping them in mid October. You are free to put them on the shelves as you receive them. We know how difficult shipping has been in the last year, and we aim to continue to be our usual prompt selves throughout this holiday season.

If you order regular restock paints along with these new colors, we will split ship the restocks now and the new colors when they are ready in October. Please also feel free to email us at Info@TurboDork.com if you would like to be put on the list and we can manually invoice and ship the trays/paints when they are ready.


Description of the Expansion 4 Colors

Bees Knees: The first in our line of 70’s inspired colors! A new warm metallic Yellow that combines lovely gold tones over black, with a deep warm yellow over white that is truly… the Bee’s Knees (If we do say so ourselves.)

Box Wine: Named after that rich dark fluid living in pantry closets nationwide, this deep red, burgundy metallic has a mellow flavor, with notes of flake, and a finish between purple and red. 

Gordian Knot: Not just an unsolvable knot puzzle! Gordian Knot is a dark green that gives hints of British Racing Green, but also acts as a spiritual successor to Emerald Nightmare.

Grave Robber: There is no shovel needed for this dark green, to blue, to dark brown shift! The darker of our two green based shifts, and a nice companion to Gordian Knot!  

Hot Commodity: Is there anything more 70’s than glam and camp? This bright metallic orange brings a lovely burst of color into our line, the Pumpkin Spice of Turbo Dork! 

Peachy Keen: And, our final 70’s color, we bring you Peachy Keen! Inspired by the hot pinks and peachy tones of 70’s coastal architecture, this not-quite-flamingo color is burning bright, and is ready for action! 

Rainbow Roll: We’ve all wanted to taste the rainbow, but what if you could harness it and bottle it? Rainbow Roll is a silvery black base paint, with a whole colorful rainbow effect inside it. 

Scarab: This shift mimics the shiny shell of well... a Scarab Beetle! Buggin’ out from Green to Blue, think of this color anytime you need to make insectoid models come to life.

Skyrat: We saw our line, paused, and said “Put a bird on it!” This dark purple and teal shift emulates the iridescent necks of everyone’s favorite trash bird! The mighty pigeon is a backbone of city life, and this paint is our little tribute to those flying friends. 

Supermassive: A black hole at the end of our expansion, Supermassive is the cross section between magic and science, blending a black and red shift, with yellow edge highlights. This color looks best over large surfaces where you can see the full shift all at once.

Email us if you wish to be put on the pre-order list! Please indicate if you would like Expansion Tray 4 - Full or Expansion Tray 4 - Half Full. 

We will invoice you when Expansion Tray 4 is ready to ship. Or you can secure your pre-order now by placing your order through your retailer login on our site!