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The easiest way to get setup is to create an account via Create an Account in the top right of our website, or here:, making sure to click the I Am A Retailer box and filling out the second part of the form that appears. Then you can use that account to access the Retailer Login link at the bottom left of our website homepage: . In our wholesale area we have all our colors as 6 and 3 count cases as well as start up kits with racking. Inventory is live and we make about 15 colors a week, if you need something it should be restocked fairly quickly. 

Our line consists of 80 colors at the moment, split between a core retailer starter pack of our original 30 colors, and five 10 color expansion trays. We also have SKUs for getting the whole line of 80 colors at once. Racking consists of acrylic spring loaded pusher trays that mount to slat-wall or pegboard. If you would prefer to reuse an older paint rack from a 3rd party, we are happy to send along our paint label strips to facilitate that. Just let us know!

All our retailer starter kits are available in either full (6 qty per color) or half full (3 qty per color) varieties. Each 20ml bottle has an MSRP of $6.30, retailer pricing across the board is 45% off of MSRP.  Free shipping is available to the lower 48 states on any orders over $100.