New Mix Announcement / Emerald Nightmare Retirement


Emerald Nightmare has now sold out.



As Turbo Dork has grown as a company and expanded our line over the last three years, we have always strived to make the best paint we can. That means constant improvement, tiny tweaks, and entire remixes of our line to make sure we keep putting out the best version of the radical and colorful product that we’re known for. It has been a lot of hard work getting to this point, but we know it’s worth it every time we see what y’all, and our community, does with the paints. 

For those of you who are not aware, our paints would start to catalyze in the bottle if they dipped into freezing temperatures. After last year’s historic winter, we realized that our mix needed to be reworked from the ground up. Over the past several months we’ve been testing revision after revision of this new freeze resistant mix, with all of our colors, just to make sure everything is better than it was before. We are really pleased with how the final version of our new mix is working. Every color looks amazing, paints amazing, and is easier than ever before to hand and airbrush. Oh and of course, it doesn’t freeze! We can’t wait until it starts getting out into the wild, as we really hope you all will be as excited by it as we are! 

However, throughout all of this testing, we have had one color that we just cannot get working, and that means we have had to come to the unfortunate conclusion that we must discontinue Emerald Nightmare. As we can’t make Emerald Nightmare in the new freeze resistant mix, that means it can’t be shipped anywhere that gets below freezing. We have tried dozens of different ways to try to get Emerald Nightmare to work in our new mix, but unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be. We know that this is disappointing news, and was the last thing we wanted to have to do, but for now, we have to say goodnight to Emerald Nightmare. A search is ongoing for a suitable direct replacement, and we hope that eventually we can bring it back in a newer, better than ever form. 

We just made a fresh batch of Emerald Nightmare in anticipation of having to make this announcement, and we will continue to sell Emerald Nightmare up until it isn’t possible temperature wise! This will most likely be around the middle of October as temperatures start to drop, so we wanted to give everyone ample time to stock up, get any paint needed to complete projects, or hey, start something new to send it out with a bang.

It’s never fun to say goodbye to something, especially one of our favorite colors, but the positives of our new mix far outweigh this one con. In our next expansion tray we’re also going to be releasing not one, but three different green based paints. One of which, Gordian Knot, has a lot of the same dark green tones we loved in Emerald Nightmare. 


TLDR; We have an amazing new mix that won’t freeze, but unfortunately we must sacrifice Emerald Nightmare in the process. New greens are on the way soon™ and Emerald Nightmare will still be available until it gets too cold to ship in October.