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Exemplar Premier Wet Palette

Note: These are the wet palettes we designed our Large Non-Stick Silicone Palettes to fit within. Just pop the top compartment open, and replace the included hard plastic insert with our silicone palette to have a wet and dry palette all in one! 

The Game Envy Exemplar Premier Wet Palette System is the the absolute BEST wet palette for miniature painters of any skill level.

The Exemplar Premier Wet Palette System features a high-performance, replaceable silicone seal that works together with a sturdy four-point closure system, ensuring you always have the best seal on your palette. With a highly refined parchment rooted wet palette paper, and an extraordinarily absorbent, microporous sponge the moisture control on the palette surface is unparalleled while remaining affordable.

Each Exemplar Wet Palette includes the Wet Palette, Mixing Tray, 50 Sheets of the Exemplar Wet Palette Paper, 2 Exemplar Wet Palette Sponges and a bonus wet palette paper squeegee.

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