Looking for Paint in All the Right Places

In many ways, Turbo Dork has been reinvented over the last few months. There are lots of new things like an automated filling system, better bottles, and a great new formulation for the paint. Even the logo has been updated a bit. Many of these new things have already been talked about on social media. However, this blog post intends to go over some of them in a bit more detail along with describing a bunch of helpful website improvements. This way everything is in one spot.

Welcome to the Turbo Dork Remix in Detail


We have gone back to school, consulted with chemists, and brought in production engineers. So now what we are labeling “Remix” represents a huge change for the better in almost every aspect of our paint line.


Up until recently all of the Turbo Dork paints were made by hand — truly artisanal. Now an automated filling system is up and running spitting out bottled and labeled paints at an unprecedented rate.


Bottles and Caps

Turbo Dork has worked with Chubby Gorilla to make what we think are the perfect paint bottles (30.5mm diameter and 75mm tall).

  • The new bottles are well, a bit chubbier than the old ones (30.5mm diameter x 76mm tall/1.2 inches wide x 2.9 inches tall). They hold 22ml instead of 20ml. Therefore, while the same ratio for pricing ml to ml is in effect, the overall cost is slightly higher. 
  • The bottles are clear, recyclable, and have a tamper-proof ring. You can now see the actual paint color for at least the Metallics. Unfortunately, many Turboshifts do not show their true colors when wet. However, the new labels described just below do.
  • There is a floating membrane in the cap to seal the tip and a clip-in no-drip tip to help prevent clogging and drying out.
  • The stainless steel mixing balls have been replaced with glass ones. However, when shaken, they make the same “click, click, click” sound to let you know they are moving around. The clear bottles let you see if the paint is mixed enough.



There is now all sorts of info on the label for Retailers like reorder SKU and rack number. Also, the paints are now batch-stamped so we can track things if there are any problems. For the general user, the label has been updated to be clearer and provide a wealth of new info.

  • There is a prominent display of the name with a color sample.
  • The paint type is shown in bold letters — Metallic, Turboshift, Zenishift.
  • Color is described using the Universal Color Language of 12 color terms and adjectives.
  • A simpler set of instructions is included. In many cases, new recommendations for basecoat color are included. 



The base formulation has been radically changed to make it more hand-brush-friendly, cover better, and be nearly freeze-proof.

  • There is a high-quality feel to the paint for smoother hand brushing.
  • The amount of pigment in the bottle has been doubled for over 50% of the paints.
  • Fewer coats are required for both hand brushing and airbrushing.
  • The paint was tested through 4 freeze-thaw cycles without having a catalyzation issue.
  • Also, there is a slightly shorter drying time. 



Severnty-two colors are returning with the new release. However, be assured that the colors of these paints match the original colors. Redrum is still Redrum, Blue Raspberry is still Blue Raspberry! This means that eight colors are being retired.


However, eight new colors will be joining the lineup. More specific information about these paints can be found in Momma Dork's Miniature Musing's blog post



While the physical aspects of making paint were being planned and engineered, the Turbo Dork website was also changed. Some things have been in place for a little while, but others are new. The following is a quick run-through of all the info packed into www.turbodork.com.

Golems versus Robots

Some of the most visible changes to the website are the new bottle photos and the fact that the spoons have been dropped in favor of just showing color swatches.

The most exciting change, though, is the switch in models used for swatches. So it is OUT with the ROBOTS and IN with ICE GOLEMS. The golems have lots of spikes with some smooth bits to show off the paint colors particularly well. Anyone who visited the booth at Pax Unplugged has already seen these guys in person. They will be traveling to other sites in the future.

So if you are trying to figure out what color to use or how a shift looks on a real model, then looking at these swatches should do the trick. They are the second photo on individual product pages as well as popping up when hovering over a bottle photo on the collection pages under the Paints menu.

Colors Being Retired

New Colors



Looking for a deal on paint? There is a 10% discount on bundles of Every Paint We Make, All the Metallics, All the Turboshifts (includes the Zenishifts), Intro to Metallics, Intro to Turboshifts, and the newest release GR8. These can all be found on the Bundles collection page.


Speaking of the collections (All Paints, Metallics, Turboshifts, and Zenishifts), these pages sport a series of filters to help you pick potential colors based on a set of general properties. Please note that the Recommended Basecoat section has recently undergone a major change. Previously, it was recommended that many of the metallics be used over a white basecoat to bring out their vibrant colors. However, based on feedback from others and our internal testing, it was found that using a “colored” base is more user-friendly, requiring fewer coats to get the same effect.

Type - Metallic, Turboshift, Zenishift

  • Metallics shimmer and shine
  • Turboshifts change color under different lighting conditions
  • Zenishifts change color over different colored bases

Tone - Highlight, Midrange, Shadow, Multitone

  • In other words light-colored, middle-of-the-road, and dark colors
  • Multitone is used to try to represent the kaleidoscopic of colors for Rainbow Roll and the mother-of-pearl effect for Mother Lode 

Recommended Basecoat - Black, White, Zenithal, Colored

  • Most TurboShift paints require a black basecoat for their true shifting color to appear.
  • Mother Lode and Pearly Gate must be used over WHITE for the paint to look white.
  • Zenishifts work well with a heavy zenithal BLACK/WHITE basecoat.
  • Many of the Metallics need a BLACK basecoat for the most vibrant result.
  • Many other Metallics look most vivid when used over a similarly colored basecoat, e.g., Pucker over yellow
Selecting any of these options updates the number of available paints. For example, selecting a white basecoat shows that there are only 2 paints (1 Metallic and 1 Turboshift) that meet this criterion. The two paints are Mother Lode and Pearly Gates.


In addition to the properties mentioned above, all the paints have been characterized by color, shift, and zenishift. Thus the collection pages include several different sets of samples that allow one to pick and choose paints based upon color.

  • All Paint Colors - Different samples that cover the full range of base colors for all of the paints. The mini-color wheel represents Rainbow Roll and Mother Lode
  • All Turboshift Colors - Diagonal split color samples representing the shift colors
  • All Zenishift Colors - Horizontal split color samples representing the zenishift colors (over white on top, over black on bottom)

There is some connectivity between the All Paint Colors section and the other two. For example, if you choose to see paints that are dark blue, you will also have the option to further select a Turboshift with a particular color combo. Then if you click a specific Turboshift combo, in this case, blue/purple, you will select Cyberia, Skyrat, and Wavelength.


Product Pages

Each of the product pages provides detailed information on the paint itself as well as ideas on how to use it.
  • A photo of the new bottle is featured along with one of a painted golem.
  • There are quirky descriptions that challenge you to figure out the name reference while putting a smile on your face.
  • Many Turboshift paints are either white, reddish-orange, or grey when wet. Color in Bottle info is provided. This is relevant for how the paint appears over a white basecoat.
  • Paint Type, Tone, and Recommended Basecoat are reiterated. In addition, there is a note in the description that gives more information on why a particular base color is being recommended.
  • Universal Color Language is provided to describe what the paint color or shift looks like. This not only standardizes the information but helps the color blind.

  • A Selected Related Colors section provides bottle photos and links to 4 colors that we feel will go with the primary color. Please note that these are just a few examples to get you thinking.

  • At the bottom of the page, there is a Gallery of models painted with the primary color to inspire you.



Learning Center

Under this menu is all sorts of helpful information. All of the “guides” have recently been updated to reflect the “Remix”.

  • Tips and Tricks - Our Quick Guide to get you started
  • What We Call Things - Dictionary of Turbo Dork terms like "Turboshift"
  • Illustrated Guide - A detailed discussion of everything Turbo Dork with lots of photos. Want to know how a Turboshift works, what setting to use with your airbrush, how to take better photographs, or will a wash ruin the shift? Then this is the place.


  • Facebook Group - Turbo Dorks, join the user group and ask away. We have an amazing community that is always willing to help.
  • YouTube - A new feature for all of the in-house videos that are in the works
  • Blog - Momma Dork’s Miniature Musings with periodic posts with tips and ideas on how to use the paints 

A few Additional Things

Merchandise and Accessories, some of which are not available through Retailers, can be purchased through the website.

Speaking of Retailers, The Find a Retailer page is continually updated. However, it should be noted that if a store buys paint through a Distributor rather than directly from Turbo Dork, we might not know about it. Therefore, it is always good to check if your LGS carries us and let us know if they do so we can add it to the list.

Lastly, if you do buy at your LGS look for the new racks that have been converted to accommodate the bigger size of the bottles and separated to better display the Metallics separate from the Turboshifts/Zenishifts